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Belarusian - Lithuanian project

Company HoD in Minsk and Centrinis kodas in Vilnius - are IT outsourcing companies in Lithuania and Belarus with a single owner. That allows to be mobile with any clients from the European Union, Belarus and the CIS countries. Also our company has representations in the USA, Prague, Stockholm, Madrid, Warsaw, Moscow. We take a friendly approach and there are a lot of friends and partners which we have, therefore we are always ready for cooperation.

Web, Software, Start UP

Company HoD develops in two directions: software and web services. We create websites in Minsk, provide hosting services, support and promote websites. We work with popular CMS: Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress +. Software. Our technologies: PHP Java .NET C# Ionic AngularJS PhoneGap, own developments: HoDCMS and HODAPP +

We know something about business

In the course of seven years, which we worked in the market of Belarus we gained and accurate understanding of requirements and tasks which are set for us by clients. Belarus is compared to the Silicon Valley in Eastern Europe because of highly skilled programmers. We offer our partners and clients CV of our developers, the best rates, free assessment of a project, Agile methodology of work with the project, test interviews with our programmers, links to the Github code repositories.

Our philosophy

Simplicity and advanced technologies

It is very easy to overcomplicate something simple. However, making complex things simple and understandable is a true art. To do that, the very root of a problem has to be addressed - a clear, precise vision is vital. It is also crucial to be able to operate modern technologies and have a profound insight into needs of every client. A lot of people do not even know about what can be added to a website today, and how this might help to create prosperous products.


Creation of a good website, or a house style is impossible without proper discipline in place. It is equally important for a client (ensures that everything is completed on time) and for us (keeps quality on the highest level). We are maintaining "healthy" and friendly among members of our team. Agile methodology is used, as well as an advanced system of task tracking Jira (CRM). Client has access to the latter, so he can monitor working process in real time.

Open relationships

Our company is not the one that will immediately cut off all links with a client after website handover. Long term relationship is our core value. In e-commerce (likewise in any other business) it is not enough to just create a website - audience has to be attracted to it; catalogs need to be filled in; testing has to be done on peak workloads and on different devices; new functions should be adopted. Adaptation to changing market environment is vital.

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