Website design

UX и UI design

Some of the best Belarusian designers are staff members of Company HoD. They are in TOP-15 of the best web developers, according to an international agency Dribbble. We will offer you the best of the best for development and prototyping of websites, in addition with an entire cycle of
development of websites design.
In order to develop of high-quality user interfaces, our designers consider all requirements of UX and UI of design.

Cases from 2015 - 16: (furniture factory in Belarus - a full cycle of creation of an interface), HodAPP (HoDAPP - design of an interface of a loyalty program)
We will present cases to you: information architecture (IA), user interface (UI), content strategy.

Adaptive design

Adaptive Web Design

The Company HoD specialises in creation of adaptive designs for websites. Front end developers and web designers have an extensive experience in development of responsive and adaptive website. Adaptive design of the website is one of the main requirements of Yandex and Google
search engines. It also is crucial for website promotion.
We apply all algorithm of creation of the adaptive websites: design, creation of modular grids, design, imposition, testing and development.
Cases 2015 - 16: (the client set a task not to do "vinaigrette" when viewing on mobile devices)
Our designers will take part with your developers in joint the high-loaded server projects for development of the responsive user interface.

Mobile application design

Material Design

In 2015 and in the beginning of 2016, Company HoD entered a new stage and now offers you cooperation in creation of designs for mobile applications. Our designers possess everything that is required to put together mobile interfaces: prototyping, iteration, teehan+lax iOS templates, Android GUI PSD and of course design of a mobile applications in close cooperation with the developer.
In 2016 designers of Company HoD introduced design of the HoDAPP mobile application. GUI was
solely created by them.

Cases from 2015-16: EYGl (a social network, yo can find it in AppStore and Google Play), also have a look at the HoDAPP case.

Company styles and logos


We offer you the best in web-design. Designers of Company HoD use the most advanced techniques to design websites and when developing company styles. 
Our designers are in the TOP-15 of the best web designers of Belarus. We create fonts, concepts of logos, infographics, interfaces and prototypes of mobile applications and websites. Moreover, we offer to participate in joint projects concerned with planning of server-side solutions. 
Cases from 2015 - 16: (company style), (creation of an UI-kit)
We will consider various forms of cooperation with other web companies; software as a project; work in a larger team.

Non-standard solutions

Trends in Web design 2016

Designers of Company HoD are creative guys, who know the last trends in web-design and also keep the best classic traditions of web services.
To web companies, we offer the cooperation as subcontractors or participation in a part of a project, with a possibility of outstaffing. Speaking about web-design, our strength is development of interfaces of mobile applications, desktop applications, prototyping, development of UI/UX, websites, adaptive design of the websites, development and support of server-side solutions using
various technologies and languages.
Кенйсы 2015 - 16: HoDAPP (мобильное приложение программа лояльности), EYGI (мобильное приложение), (Ружанская мебельная фабрика).
Мы готовы к сотрудничеству - присылайте нам свои проекты для оценки, в течение 24 часов Вы получите эстимэйт с лучшей ценой:)

Development of brand strategies

Guideline, Cut-guide, Brandbook

You need a web designer to develop a brand strategy, or a web studio for joint development, or parts of a brand? We present Company HoD to you: web designers in TOP-15 (according to Dribbble 2015/16), who developed their own Web design Studio Company HoD brand.
We have an experience in joint web projects with other design studios as subcontractors, considering different time zones, the NDA system, an exchange of contracts by express delivery, definition of an estimate, the good price of man-hour and a flexible agile system.   
Cases from 2015 - 16: Otvezu portal StartUP (the project was represented at an international marketing forum having taken the 3rd place) and creation of BrandBook Company HoD