iOS Android WinPhone

man hour 27 y. e.

Company HoD offers development of native web-applications for iOS, Android, WinPhone platforms. We will carry out an assessment of the project for a contractor and a direct client, provide CVs of developers, conduct test interviews. Agile methodology is used throughout all projects.
  • development of technical specifications
  • UI/UX design
  • creation of design concepts
  • rendering all screens
  • development 
  • testing
  • debugging
  • launch in App Store, Google Play, Windows Market

Xamarin Development


Company HoD offers creation of web applications using Xamarin framework for cross-platform development. It is value for money. These mobile applications work on iOS, Android Windows Phone platforms, preserving the original functionality and design.
  • minimal costs of development
  • Close-to-Native User Experience
  • easy maintenance
  • Xamarin development
We write all the code entirely in C#. Using the same architecture for various operating systems enables to upgrade application rapidly.

Java Ionic PhoneGap

Ionic Framework PhoneGap

Belarusian IT developers of mobile applications from Company HoD use Ionic and PhoneGap technologies.
Ionic Framework is a SDK for development of hybrid applications consisting of a set of CSS and JS components, based of AngularJS, SASS, Apache Cordova. In fact, it is a wrapper over Cordova CLI, which allows you to create a basic application with a choice of templates, assembly and launch it in the Fabric emulator. Features include live reload in a browser and on your device, generation of icons and splash screens.
Cases 2015 - 16: GLEY (web application and a case), HoDAPP (cross-platform mobile application and a case)

HTML-5 приложения

jQueryMobile Framework7

Web applications with the use of HTML-5 and framework 7. Low costs level (it is not development of native applications for each platform iOS , Android, WinPhone), which is significant for a client.

On our side Company HoD is ready to provide:

  • CVs of developers (We will connect you with our developers directly and you can interview them.)
  • rates
  • project estimation
  • code on Github
  • test interviews
  • outsourcing and outstaffing
  • Agile methodology
  • NDA and documents flow