IT outsourcing

the best conditions for cooperation

Company HoD in Belarus offers applications programming as IT outsourcing:

  • use a pool of our experts
  • an opportunity to add on your team with skilled developers
  • we will provide flexible and favourable conditions of management of the project
  • use our team of programmers for cut in expenditure!

Forms of cooperation


We send the CV of the developers, we give an opportunity to carry out test interview with developers, we offer the good prices of man-hour and the developers junior-, middle-, senior-level, we give references to a code to Github

Full support of the project

Transfer of the Company HoD project on a subcontract, signing of NDA and full document flow. Agile and Scrum methods in the project, tracking of the project in Redmine, JIRA. Appointment of the project manager for work with the contractor or the client directly.

We cooperate with