Back end

man hour 21 y. e.

Company HoD offers IT specialist from Belarus:

- elimination of technical issues, revision, update and plugin installation for CMS Joomla Drupal ModX PrestoShop and etc.

- development of server-side solutions using PHP frameworks: Laravel, Kahana, Yii, Symphony, Zend

Cases form 2015 - 16: (medical service in Sweden, based on "patient - doctor" approach) + Github.

Front end

man hour 15 y.e.

Team of IT developers from Company HoD creates mobile applications, web-solutions as well as visual interfaces for devices. We take into account efficiency and benefits for every individual user. In order to achieve this, we pay close attention and combine together such aspects as ease of use,
interactivity and responsiveness. 

Desktop UI: Java FX .NET WPF .NET WinForms Qt

Mobile Platforms: Cocoa Touch (iOS) Android UI Framework Xamarin PhoneGap HTML5

Web UI: .NET Silverlight Action Script (Flex, Feathers) JavaScript Frameworks HTML5/CSS

Cases 2015 - 16: (management system Wordpress) + Github

Server-side works

man hour 20 y. e.

System administrators form Company HoD will transfer your web-site from one hosting to another, assist with domain registration and communicate with prior developers in case of any misunderstanding. Moreover, we will:
  • eliminate viruses of the website, provide security
  • update version of CMS
  • restore after a failure
  • provide technical maintenance of servers
  • create backup copy
  • perform technical audit
Our IT specialists respond promptly and provide reports of their activities. All the operations we perform are transparent and precise.

Promotion SEO

Yandex.Direct Google AdWords

SEO specialists are also a part of Company HoD staff. Their have experience of promoting websites in Russia, other CIS countries and Baltic States. We can:
  • Perform a free website audit
  • Put together a keyword list based on targeting
  • Optimise your website and check it using SEO services
  • Eliminate program errors, viruses and update CMS
  • Create an adaptive website version 
  • Increase speed of website's pages load
  • Create contextual advertising with Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords
  • Place your website in regional catalogue

Опыт более 7 лет в продвижении и раскрутки сайтов в Беларуси см. наше портфолио


Populating a catalogue

Filling in a product card

Specialists form Company HoD will populate large Internet catalogues with products and will compose an original description for them, as well as providing graphic files. Entrust Company HoD with taking care of your website and our careful approach will certainly bring benefits to you.

Ways in which we can improve your project include:

  • Optimisation of all website pages
  • Filling an online shop in with products and their unique descriptions
  • Revision and modernisation of a website
  • Banner development and creation 
  • Placement in catalogues
  • Marketing features: call back, online chat, creation of groups in social networks

Cases 2015 - 16: (filling the website in with products and their unique descriptions).

SMM и E-mail

call back, online chat, creation of groups in social networks

We are waiting for you! Company HoD possesses a significant amount of experience of working with IT-marketing, coupled with a precise understanding of how to successfully form a client base. At the moment we provide subscription services to more than a hundred of companies, for which we find new clients on a daily basis. We offer:
  • Creation of groups in social networks:,, We also provide group description and content
  • Website promotion through setting up a channel 
  • Inviting up to 300 users to the groups, according to users' location
  • *Conducting contests and prize draws for users in the social network groups
  • Setting up and maintaining an online chat, voice over IP (VoIP) - call back
  • Setting up targeted advertising in social networks. Parameters may include gender, age, city, marital status
  • Using email lists including up to 3000 thematic companies

Cases 2015 - 16: take a look at our portfolio